Preparing/Cleansing your car. COVID-19

There are lots of advice and prevention methods to avoid the spread of the novel COVID-19 or best known as coronavirus. How one should wash his/her hands, how he/she should wipe down his/her home is everywhere but practically no one is warning the people about the threats posed inside their cars.
The advice and cleansing methods should also focus on vehicles and not only homes and should urge drivers to sanitize their vehicles as they do their homes to prevent the spread of COVID-19. It is highly necessary for drivers to frequently sanitize touched surfaces in and outside your car because germs picked up in public places are deposited on them. To name a few; the steering wheels, door handles, keys, knobs, and buttons, etc. are to be given immediate attention and proactive measures should be taken. As more and more communities are being affected and a large number of geographical areas are experiencing a vast spread, it’s important for every individual to be vigilant towards every tip for a successful containment.
However, the dirtiest surface of your vehicle is the steering wheel and holds much more germs; around six times more germs than smartphone screens and four times more germs than a public bathroom. And this creates space for viruses and bacteria to grow including viruses like COVID-19. During cold and flu seasons, cleaning and sanitizing your vehicle should become a regular practice to protect your families. Apart from that, an individual fills up his/her gas tanks on a daily basis but no one thinks of the highly contaminated pump handles covered with microbes associated with illness and disease.
So make sure you at least sanitize your hands before you touch another surface. If you come in contact with a dirty surface in your vehicle, prior to sanitization, you should think about cleaning using soap and clean water. Your usual household disinfectant is effective enough so you don’t need to look for other disinfecting products that you may find suitable. On top of that, if you happen to touch surfaces such as gas pumps, keypads, drive-through ATMs and other touch screens use disinfecting wipes or disposable tissues. Some other things you can do is to avoid touching as many surfaces, bring sanitizing wipes and wipe down your seat belt, door handle, armrest, etc. and wash your hands with soap and clean water as soon as possible after you exit your vehicle or any mode of transportation.