GPS integrated speed limiter is a single device which can provide both GPS Tracking and Speed limiting functionalities. Our GPS Integrated Device is approved by Federal Transport Authority on meeting the standard set by Ethiopian standard Agency. It can be installed in all vehicles but the method of limiting the speed may differ and require additional accessories.

According to the ES 6413, GPS integrated speed limiter device shall be installed apart from an existing OEM system. Such integrated device enhance monitoring and controlling the speed with single source information.

Currently the GPS integrated Speed limiter limits the maximum speed set by Federal Transport Authority. The maximum speed limit vary based on vehicle type and vehicle code.

Based on Federal Transport Authority direction the following speed limit will be carried out

  • Private Vehicles and motorcycle maximum speed limit is 100 km/h
  • Commercial and rental vehicles maximum speed limit is 80km/hr
  • Motor vehicles , heavy duty vehicle, high bed and low bed vehicles, Agricultural Vehicles maximum speed limit is 70 km/hr

Though the road sign allows 120 km/hr , the current Ethiopian law and the direction from Federal transport authority doesn’t allow any vehicle to speed on 120km/hr.

First and for most, fitting GPS integrated Speed limiter provide enormous benefit. To mention few

Reduce accident

Reduction of Carbon dioxide emission

Lower cost of tyre, maintenance

Protect from theft

Substantial fuel saving


For organizations, beside the above benefits, it improve distribution efficiency, normalize driver behaviors, Geo-fence management

Additionally you abide the regulation set by Federal Transport Authority

For organizations

beside the above benefits

Improve Distribution Efficiency

Normalize Driver Behaviors

Geo-Fence Management

Frequently Asked Questions

You may have some questions about getting a speed limiter fitted on your vehicle. These are the common questions we encounter.

Depending on the vehicle and additional accessories needed , the installation takes from 40 to 70 minute.

YES!! You have two years warranty for any defect other than tamper and intentional damages.

The driver may tamper the system, but the system will send an alarm and whereabouts of the tamper. So you can take immediate action.

We haven’t faced such damages on more than 3000 installation. In the general industry some damages happen due to improper installation.

So to avoid such incidents, we first inspect the vehicle before deployment. In case of any unforeseen incident and also damage, our Company has insurance coverage for professional indemnity.