The Most Important Car Parts You Should Know

Do you know where your vehicle’s main important car parts are? and Do you know their functions? Learn about automotive parts so you can have more in-depth conversations with your mechanic about how to properly maintain your car. AC Compressor The AC Compressor is responsible for pumping coolant throughout your system and starting the process […]

Top 7 Things That Will Drain Your Car Battery

In the morning, you walk out to your car, ready to go to work and start the day. You stick your key in the ignition and turn it, and then nothing has happened. You turn your key again, and just hear a series of clicks. Your car’s battery is dead, and you’re not going anywhere. […]

The Quickest Way to daily vehicle checks

Daily vehicle checks checklist Every time we get into a vehicle, we automatically make quite a few daily vehicle checks, probably without even realizing it. For example, we check the mirrors are aligned, we have fuel and our seatbelt is fastened. By adding on a few simple other checks, you can very quickly create your […]

Brands that Pepo Auto Works With

Pepo Auto Parts, founded in 2015 with a total capital of 3 Million Birr and 4 employees, is an Automobile Parts Importer that provides a selection of high-quality spare parts based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Our selections primarily focus on MERCEDES and RENAULT Automobiles. We take the trust of protecting our customer’s investment very seriously. […]

5 best car rental companies in Ethiopia

  ABC Car Rental  Abc Car Rental is one of the first and leading car rental companies in Ethiopia. Abc Car Rental is owned by Saudi-Ethiopia billionaire Mohammed Hussein Al Amoudi. The company established with various business ambitions. Intended ventures included areas like public transport, car rental, tour operations, employee supply and more.  Contact CALL US:(+251) […]

The New Mercedes’ electric car(EQC)

Electric cars have become very popular cars that appear on the road in the western world.  The new wave of electric cars has changed the car manufacturing industry, because of their sleek look and saving of fuel cost. In addition to environmental preservation, more people are converting to electric cars. Ethiopia has also joined the future of transportation by […]

Top 5 fastest cars in the world-2020

Car Manufacturers companies have been rivaling one another for the fastest car title for years.  This company has put a lot of investment into research for delivering fast street-legal cars. if you’re a car enthusiast you’ll find our list the most recent blog on the fastest car in the world right now.  Here’s a list of the […]

Signs That You Need Your Brakes Checked

If your driving with a high speed say like 90km/hr and, if you suddenly needed to stop, your vehicle could take approximately 91 meters to come to stop– and that’s only if you’ve kept one of the most critical safety systems in your car well maintained: your brakes. Brakes may not be the sexiest part […]

New Cars in Europe Automatically Call Police in an Emergency

Your car runs down the road and you suddenly get into an accident. You want to call for help But what if you lose awareness – are trapped – if the accident is bad and you can’t even get to your phone to seek help. These were the kinds of situations which prompted the European Union to adopt a law that requires the equipment of eCall technology for all new vehicles sold there. The system contacts emergency services automatically, regardless of how small an accident occurs. The eCall system connects the vehicle’s occupants to a human operator at the proper Public Safety Answering Point (in other words, a call center) for the vehicle’s location. The center will receive a set of data to assist them, including the location of the accident, […]

Battle – Ferrari F80 Concept vs Mercedes-Benz Vision GT