How to Increase Your Car’s Value When Thinking of Selling It

Is my car in a good condition? Will it be able to fetch a very good price? Can I make profit from selling it? Questions often asked by people who are thinking of selling their cars. It is true that cars won’t fetch the same price as their original price. This is due to depreciation. […]

Preparing/Cleansing your car. COVID-19

There are lots of advice and prevention methods to avoid the spread of the novel COVID-19 or best known as coronavirus. How one should wash his/her hands, how he/she should wipe down his/her home is everywhere but practically no one is warning the people about the threats posed inside their cars. The advice and cleansing […]

Why Choose OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Parts.

Vehicles require consistent maintenance in order to function well and stay healthy on the road. Often times, during these maintenance services, there are parts that need to be replaced. You may be presented with the choice of using aftermarket car parts or OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts for the installation but in order to ensure […]

5 best car rental companies in Ethiopia

  ABC Car Rental  Abc Car Rental is one of the first and leading car rental companies in Ethiopia. Abc Car Rental is owned by Saudi-Ethiopia billionaire Mohammed Hussein Al Amoudi. The company established with various business ambitions. Intended ventures included areas like public transport, car rental, tour operations, employee supply and more.  Contact CALL US:(+251) […]

Manual vs Automatic car transmissions: Pros & Cons

If you are in the market for a new or used car, the question of whether to purchase a manual or an automatic car may be on your mind. Each has its own pros and cons. So, before making your final decision it is wise to do your homework, familiarize yourself with the benefits associated […]

5 car essentials you must have in your car – for teenagers

  Pack your car with important items to make sure you can easily drive home without waiting for someone to come to the rescue, In case of a road emergency. In today’s blog, we are going to share with you five-car essentials you need to start taking with you on the road.    Car Emergency […]

How to get more visitors for your car rental business

Do you have a car rental business and you’re not satisfied how only a handful of people shows up at your office? The car rental business can be a rewarding business but also difficult to manage, but easy to market if you knew-how. If you don’t have a marketing team for your car rental business, it […]

How to Sell your Car in Ethiopia’s Car Market.

Are you thinking of selling your car? Selling your car can be quite easy if you give your car to dealrships, but the numbers will work if you can sell it yourself. Selling your car privately can require your time and effort but the return can be great. You can use these tips to sell […]

The New Mercedes’ electric car(EQC)

Electric cars have become very popular cars that appear on the road in the western world.  The new wave of electric cars has changed the car manufacturing industry, because of their sleek look and saving of fuel cost. In addition to environmental preservation, more people are converting to electric cars. Ethiopia has also joined the future of transportation by […]

Top 5 fastest cars in the world-2020

Car Manufacturers companies have been rivaling one another for the fastest car title for years.  This company has put a lot of investment into research for delivering fast street-legal cars. if you’re a car enthusiast you’ll find our list the most recent blog on the fastest car in the world right now.  Here’s a list of the […]