5 best car rental companies in Ethiopia


ABC Car Rental 

Abc Car Rental is one of the first and leading car rental companies in Ethiopia. Abc Car Rental is owned by Saudi-Ethiopia billionaire Mohammed Hussein Al Amoudi. The company established with various business ambitions. Intended ventures included areas like public transport, car rental, tour operations, employee supply and more. 



CALL US:(+251) 116 610404


Zelelam tour & Car Rental 

The second car rental business we recommend you to visit for your car rental needs. Zelelam tour & car rental offers a selection of cars for rent including luxury and business cars for rents. 

ou can choose from a wide range of compact, sedan, SUV luxury automobiles engineered by industry specialists at Mercedes-Benz and Toyota. you can visit their website and book early before you visit their office. 



Mobile:+251 911 209 106

+251 911 217


Addis Rental

Addis car rental is a rental company based in Addis Abeba, bole. The company offers affordable cars for rental. 

091 250 2236



ADIKA TOUR & TRAVEL PLC is a company located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Established since 2004, adika is one of the biggest car rental companies in Ethiopia. The company is also known for its ventures in different business sectors including tour service, manufacturing and more.


Office Telephone 1: +251115533357

Office Telephone 2: +251115536928


Serene Tour & Car Rental 

Established in 2005, serene is a tour and car rental company based in Addis Abeba Ethiopia. Serene car rental offers different options including vans for a long trip and minibusses and more for your car rental needs. if you’re a diaspora looking to enjoy your time in Addis Abeba serene is a must-go company to help you find a suitable car rental.   

Phone 1: +251 911 239372
Phone 1:+251 930 012709

website: http://www.serenetourethiopia.com/


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