5 car essentials you must have in your car – for teenagers


Pack your car with important items to make sure you can easily drive home without waiting for someone to come to the rescue, In case of a road emergency.

In today’s blog, we are going to share with you five-car essentials you need to start taking with you on the road. 


Car Emergency kit

As a teenager, you commute or travel long distances going on parties, trips with your friends. During your trip, the worst thing that can happen to you during your trip is for your car to broke down in the middle of nowhere. While this occurs, an emergency kit will mean the difference between returning to the road and stranding for hours. It’s the one of the must-have car essential every car owner needs to have one not only teenagers. 

It’s important to make sure that your car emergency kit should be tailored for your car’s age and your area weather. if you live in an area with no snow or freezing rain, you can skip some of these items. But a basic roadside emergency kit should include some of the following items 

– Car emergency kit          – Washer fluid                                  -Multipurpose tool

– Antifreeze (1 gal.)           – Spare tire and jack                       – Paper towels/rags

– Spare car fuses                 – Roll of duct tape                           – Pen and paper


First Aid Kit

For every teenager who owns a car, the second car essentials that we recommend to have in your car is a first aid kit. The saying goes First Aid kits save a life! When you’re driving it’s hard to eliminate road accidents all by yourself.

On the road, there are risks you wouldn’t think of until they happen. Accidents can happen at any time of your travel and if it did, having a first aid kit can be quite useful. You can use to save the life of people in the accident until an ambulance gets to the scene. 


Phone Charger 

It’s difficult to imagine a life without our phones these days because we use our phone to chat with friends and families for many reasons. when you are on the road having a phone charger in your car might be quite handy in case of emergency. 

In case of emergency, the first thing we do is call friends or families. In this kind of situation a battery full phone can be life-saving. 



Another car essential that you must have in your car is a notebook and a pen. It can be useful if you’re on the road and dealing with a driver who has road rage and you want to write down the license plate number of the guy who cut you off. 

Additionally, a notebook can be quite useful if you’re in a creative industry, ideas could come up to you and you wanted to write them down. Or if you want to write down the address that you heard easily on the radio.



Last but not least, you’ll need to include a map in your car essential. if you’re thinking about going on camping trips or in explore mode with friends. A map can be quite useful to help you not get lost and turn the camping into a disaster. A hard copy map can help you save battery and also be useful in an area where a network isn’t available. 


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