How to get more visitors for your car rental business

Do you have a car rental business and you’re not satisfied how only a handful of people shows up at your office? The car rental business can be a rewarding business but also difficult to manage, but easy to market if you knew-how. If you don’t have a marketing team for your car rental business, it can become quite difficult to manage the business itself and also market your business all by yourself.

In today’s blog, we will share with you to help you market your car rental business without a marketing team and hassle. 


Own a car rental website

In today’s digital age, it’s important to have an online presence. These days, when people want anything they begin their research on google, they usually ask” car rental near me” and when they do it’s important that your business appears. if not it could mean you’re losing out a potential business. 

A website for your business not only helps you to market your business but can also make your business efficient by allowing people to book a car rental and reach out to you easily. You can create an easy process for your customer or potential client to book a car rental with you. 


Rock your social media channels  

In Ethiopia, social media usage is growing, with more than 22 million mobile subscribers and internet users according to the ethio-tel report made in 2011. It’s important for your car rental business to leverage this growing number and drive more visitors to your office doorsteps.

Most of the car rental businesses in Ethiopia already have a presence on social media, but it is equally important to engage users. You can always kick-start to engage, post useful information about your industry, and respond to customers’ inquires for a successful social media marketing strategy. 


Focus on customer satisfaction

Any business flourishes because of its customers, your business needs to recognize this fact and begin to focus on customers. Focusing on your customers and treat them in a friendly manner with excellent customer support, providing them with great customer service and no compromise with their demands will certainly pay you back big time.

It’s when your customer is completely satisfied that your business will be a success. A happy customer can refer you to friends or family, therefore more customers for your car rental business. 


Advertise, and advertise  

In order for your car rental business to make money, its quite important people need to know that it exists.  There’s no better way to ensure your business existant than to advertise your business to a large audience that may need the service you provide. 

Nowadays, thanks to the internet! you’re not expected to invest a lot of money on advertising like it was back in the old days. you’ve plenty of channels to choose from like google ads, facebook and target the exact audience you want to reach for your car rental business.  


Partner up for success  

Your car rental business can skyrocket in no time with a great partnership. you can begin researching local companies, business-like travel-agency, hotels that require a car rental service.

You can reach out to this kind of business and ask them to partner with you. Make sure you reach out to companies that are interested in your service for partnership. so you won’t be frustrated with no answers. 


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