The Most Important Car Parts You Should Know About

Do you ever think about how your car works? Do you know what parts are most important? It’s essential for vehicle owners to have basic knowledge and understanding about the vehicle he or she drives.

The Battery
Without the battery, your car isn’t going to turn on. You may want to keep that in good condition.

Axles are an important part of the wheel system but are a component that many vehicle owners neglect. To ensure proper vehicle maintenance.

Axles are used for steering, driving, and braking, meaning they are important for basically every aspect of vehicle use.

Essentially, the axles transfer power and torque from your engine to your wheels. In performing this key function, the axle must be able to sustain the entire weight of the vehicle, cargo, and passengers. The axle must also withstand the accelerated forces of driving and braking

One of the most important parts of your vehicle, your brake system is responsible for slowing you down and bringing you to a safe stop quickly and effectively. Whether you have a disc brake or a drum brake system, it’s vital to ensure all your brake components are in full working order at all times.

Ideal, these should pump smoothly and quickly. They handle all gasoline explosions, so keep those in check. This is what determines your vehicle’s horsepower. Pistons are at the very heart of the reciprocating internal combustion engine, which is why they are often called a “piston engine”. At its most basic, the piston is simply a solid cylinder of metal, which moves up and down in the hollow cylinder of the engine block.

The Fuel Injector
A fuel injector is an electronically controlled mechanical device which is used to inject/spray (just like a syringe) the fuel into the engine for the preparation of correct air-fuel mixture which in turn provides efficient combustion to the engine It is the carburetor’s successor.

The Radiator
A radiator is a type of heat exchanger. It is designed to transfer heat from the hot coolant that flows through it to the air blown through it by the fan.

The Clutch
The clutch is moved from gear to gear to keep you driving smoothly. It allows you to switch gears, and when you push down on the pedal, it allows the transmission to keep running when the car is in neutral. Without the clutch, the car would stall.

The Engine Fan
These help keep air flowing over the radiator, which makes the cooling of the engine coolant process easier.

Shock Absorbers
These help keep your wheels’ grip on the road, and help, well, absorb shock, to make your ride smoother. Shock absorbers are actually very important for many reasons, which we will discuss in Tips & Education.

This turns power into movement. The energy generated by the engine is transmitted to the wheels and allows movement with the use of the transmission.

The Spark Plug
This is what starts the car by using an electrical spark to ignite fuel into the engine’s ignition.

Air Filter
The air filter will keep your AC from causing you to sneeze or get allergies. Keep it clean to keep yourself dust-free.

The Alternator
This charges the vehicle’s battery while the engine is running. This is why your lights can kill your battery if you leave them on when the engine isn’t running.

The Pressure Gauge
This is once again technically not a car part, but this will help inflate your tires properly and help avoid flat tires. They also help reduce your gas consumption.

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