Spark Plugs: All you need to know

Spark plug creates an artificial bolt of lightning within the combustion chamber (cylinder head) of the engine. the spark of electricity that the plug emits across a small gap creates the ignition for the combustion needed to start your car. By putting the engine’s pistons in motion, your car can power up, stay powered up and produce a smooth burn of the compressed air-fuel mixture.

The electrical energy (voltage) it transmits is extremely high in order to create a spark and to “light the fire” within the controlled chaos of the combustion chamber. Here, the voltage at the spark plug can be anywhere from 20,000 to more than 100,000 volts.

without a spark, your car won’t start. And because spark plug health is directly linked to engine performance, it stands to reason weak or bad spark plugs lead to problems, be it issues with cold-starting or misfires during acceleration. Besides—without healthy ones—your ride can’t sustain maximum power, and your vehicle can see a drop in fuel economy. And you wouldn’t want that

Most auto manufacturers suggest having new spark plugs installed about every 48,000 kms; however, spark plug longevity depends on the condition and type of spark plug. Copper plugs, for example, have the shortest life, while plugs made of more advanced and durable materials can provide up to four times the life of a copper spark plug.

Spark plugs are designed with an inner central electrode that’s covered by a visible white porcelain insulating shell. That central electrode is connected by a heavily insulated wire to the output terminal of the vehicle’s ignition coil. more details on

Types of spark plugs

Types of spark plugs available today are known as “copper”, “nickel”, “platinum”, “double platinum”, “iridium”, and “silver”. on this article we will talk about copper/nickel and platinum.

Sometimes referred to as “standard” or “normal”, copper spark plugs actually use a nickel-alloy coating for the electrode. Only the inner core itself is copper. This is because copper is a soft metal that would melt almost instantly if subject to the extreme heat that outer spark plug areas endure. Because of the construction of these types of plugs, we’ll refer to them as “copper/nickel” for the purposes of this article. It’s interesting to note that most types of spark plugs use cores made of copper due to its ability to conduct electricity well.

Copper/nickel spark plugs

Copper/nickel spark plugs are lower in cost and generally have a shorter lifespan – especially if fitted to modern vehicles with high-energy distributor-less ignition systems or coil-on-plug ignition systems. more details

Platinum Spark Plugs

A platinum spark plug is similar to a copper spark plug, except that its center electrode has a platinum disc which is welded to its tip area. The copper spark plug only has nickel alloy material in this area. As a result, the platinum spark plug is more durable and can last as many as 160,000 kms.

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