How to Replace Mercedes Benz C class Air Filters

The air filters protect the air intake system, valves, pistons, cylinder walls, and engine oil from dust and debris that can be sucked in under normal operation. Replacement is a snap and should take only 30 minutes or so.

Step 1 – Open the hood and locate air box

The air filter is located inside the air box. The air box in your Mercedes-Benz is located directly to the right of the engine block. Once you locate it, pop the plastic clips located on the side in order to access the stock air filter.

Step 2 – Replace filter

Now that you’ve uncovered the air filter box, grab the air filter with both hands and pull it out. If you are replacing it with the same style filter, all you have to do is set a new one back in its place. If you are replacing it with a different high performance air filter, it may require to remove the air box base and install a new one. Follow your filter’s instructions if that is the case.

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