Brake Pads – All You Need To Know

Brakes pads are the part of the vehicle that essentially slow down the car, most often in urgent situations. It is found under your feet and is the middle one of the pads. Just like any other part of your car brake pads need to be taken care of and replaced once in a while.

A major thing that should be known about brake pads is that every time you use your brake your brake pad endures minor wear and tears. Generally, depending on the car you’re driving and how much you use your brakes, you have a good 48,280 – 56,326 kilometers before your brake pads wear out. These minor deteriorations are what ultimately cause the brakes to wear out, since it becomes thinner and thinner as times passes. So what to look for when you need to change your brake pads?

Less Of The Brake Pad

Not so much of less of the brake pad, but if your brake pad has less than roughly 0.6 cm or 6.35 mm it is time to change those brakes.

Look For Unusual Noises

As a driver naturally you are more likely to pay really close attention to your car and see what your car is trying to tell you. Thus, one of these signs is unusual noises that you may hear coming out of your car. If you hear the following sounds then it might be time to change your brakes: squealing, screeching or whining noises, or noises that sound like metal grinding or a rumbling growl (deep and low noise).

Indicator Lights

On some cars there are indicator lights that show the owner that it is time to change the brake pads. The user manual is your go to if you’re looking to know whether or not the car you’re driving has that feature. One of the car brands that have break pad warning lights is Mercedes.

Hence, as you may have observed, brake pads only require a little attention and care giving before they wear out and before you need to change them. Finally, if need be and you have to replace your brakes pads Pepo Auto has got you covered.

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