Tips to Keep Your Car Running for a Long Time

1. Service

The engineers who designed and built your car have recommendations regarding the frequency of servicing it.
Using the manufacturer’s guidelines as a starting point, a little extra attention will extend the life of your car. Regularly check your fluid levels. If they are low or discolored, you may need to service your car before its scheduled time. It is not a good idea to delay service after a scheduled interval, even if the fluid levels and coloration are fine. An ounce of prevention is worth pounds of service repairs. The Mercedes C-Class has been engineered to require only basic service maintenance: air filters, oil and oil filter, transmission fluid, brake fluid, as well as spark plugs.

2. Take care of your tires and brakes

Replacing brake fluid every two years, as recommended, may not be enough to ensure that your brakes are performing as they should. Most C-Class owners report that their original brake pads and rotors last from 35K to 50K miles and more. Excessive braking and severe weather conditions can contribute to accelerated brake system deterioration. Inspect your brakes regularly to make sure they are working properly.


3. Choose your repair shops & facility carefully

At some point in time, you will have to take your vehicle in to be serviced. Just as you choose your medical provider and babysitter carefully, so should you be choosy when it comes to finding a reputable service facility. If your car parts need replacement, make sure to find a genuine part. Here at Pepo Auto Parts, a certified Mercedes parts supplier, you can find original auto parts.

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